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A wonderful piece of music.....all tracks on CD are simply great! I will post your songs on internet.

Mike Rowe, Voice Of The Mountains.

"Nolan - thanks for artists like you who record wonderful music and send us DJ's your material. We serve both the artists and the listeners. You are doing so much for our Western Swing Music and all your stuff sounds great!"

Mike Gross, D J, WVOF FM
Fairfield, CT Worldwide On The Internet

"I want to thank you so much for your great performance at our Tucson, AZ show. I've been getting a lot of phone calls from folks traveling through Southeastern New Mexico. They hear your music on my Backforty Bunkhouse Radio show and inquire about purchasing your CD's and for me to repeat your web address. Thanks again amigo!"

Joe Baker, Disc Jockey, Ruidoso, NM - New Mexico's "Bear"
Member: Academy of Western Artists, Country Music Association of Texas, Christian Country Music Association and Western Music Broadcasters Association.
Nominated by Academy Of Western Artists "Disc Jockey of the Year" Award - 2002 and 2003.

"This is a fun record!"

Rene Ortiz
Craig's Record Factory, Corpus Christi, TX

"AWESOME CD!" good artwork.....we are playing in-store.

Leslie Wimmer
Blue Note Records, North Miami Beach, FL

"Great music!"

Manifest Discs & Tapes, Charleston, SC

Playing in-store....A good CD! We are ordering!

Michael J. Muskowitz
Mean Mountain Music, Milwaukee, WI

As "New York's King Of Western Swing" NOLAN BRUCE ALLENhas developed an affinity for the Texas style of swing. And what an affinity it is! He performs just like he was from the Lone Star State and even does bookings through 40% of net earnings from this album are slated for the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, which alone is enough for me to recommend it.The fact that it's 22 tracks of good music is just a lagniappe (see, I've already started talking like a cajun).


Veteran musician Nolan Bruce Allen is New York's King Of Western Swing Music. His current album - "Salutes The Bob Era Volume I," a fund-raiser for the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children - is dedicated to Texas band leader Bob Wills and the western swing genre that flourished in the Lone Star State. The 22 song, 70-minute CD has the down home feel of an old fashioned tube radio broadcast. Warm renditions include such tunes as "Faded Love," "Spanish Two-Step," "Little Liza Jane" and the instrumental "Texas Playboy Chimes." Available at Borders, and

Gene Stout, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle, WA

Your CD is mighty fine! I've been airing tunes from it and the station ID you did for us.

Paul Norton, CFRO 102.7 FM
Vancouver, BC

"Dear Nolan, I've enjoyed playing your CD "Salutes The Bob Wills Era" on my radio show, "Storytime From The Lucky Me Ranch." Thanks for sharing your music and talent. I played the cut "MY MARY" September 7th on the show. Thank you again and best wishes to you....I really enjoy your CD!"

Storyteller Extraordinaire, Waynetta Ausmus, Sherman, Texas

"We love Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era!"

John Ludaucio
Karmasonics, Ashville, NC

"Very good CD!"

Jason Cats CD's And Tapes, Chatanooga, TN

"This is a fun CD!"

Rene Ortiz Craig's Record Factory, Corpus Christi, TX

"Excellent! I enjoyed it and play it in our store!"

Rainbow Books & Music Newark, Delaware

"Very cool! Playing Nolan Bruce Allen in-store."

Leslie Wimmer
Blue Note Records, N Hollywood, FL

"It has a good sound for us! I like that kind of stuff." Playing in-store!

Hanna Skrobko East-West Discs & Tapes, Orlando, FL

"We really like it! Playing Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era in-store."

Mike Felton Record Emporium, Chicago, IL

"Our buyer liked Salutes The Bob Wills Era and will place the title in their Americana Listening Station."

Chris Odyssey Records, Las Vegas, NV

"It sure looks like a winner! Our customers really like it! We're playing Salutes The Bob wills Era in-store!"

Roger Chaffee Sound, Chaffee, NY

"Pretty cool!" Playing it in-store!"


"A generation before the outlaws, Western Music was all about popularity, not marginalization. NOLAN BRUCE ALLEN pays tribute to this whole time when western music fused Country, Jazz & Pop into western Swing. SALUTES THE BOB WILLS ERA IS 22 tracks from New York's King Of Western Swing on this 1st of a 3-volume set. It features such stellar players as Tommy Allsup (Buddy Holley). When a female voice is needed, it's Chris O'Connell (Asleep At The Wheel). Also from Asleep At The Wheel, Tim Alexander plays piano. Steel guitar is an important instrument in this genre and Allen uses a legend: Tom Morrell, whose Western swing resume goes back to the 50's.The rhythm section is Western Swing greats Mark Abbott (upright bass) & Greg Hardy (drums).

Tom Schulte

"Salutes The Bob Wills Era has special charm! Great CD!" Playing in-store.

David Matthis Music Millenium Northwest, Portland, OR

"It really got our toes tapping! Good stuff!" Playing Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob wills Era in-store.

Jeff Roberts Sounds Familiar, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Hello NBA. It was great to meet you at the Sportsmen's". Tom and I listened to some of your songs. They are great! Love it. Real Country for a change. Thanks, Melody Masters."

Melody Fonda

"We sell a lot of that! Playing it in-store."

Nick Backstage Records & Tapes, Fallbrook, CA

"It's a good CD! Getting good feedback! Well done and well produced."

Hugh Ashley
Ashley Music Store, Harrison, AR

"We are enjoying it and playing in-store!"

Jeff Broyles
Bay Book Company, Half Moon Bay, CA

"I love this CD and will be playing it on two radio shows that I do on KSCS and a webcast program that I am involved in. Very cool Music!"

Lou Curtis
Folk Arts Rare Records, San Diego, CA

"Pretty good!" Playing Salutes The Bob Wills Era in-store."

Tom Robbins
Eagle Valley Music Co., Vail CO

"Good stuff! Good players!" Playing in-store."

Dave Paradise Ridge CD's Moscow, ID

"I love that hollow-body guitar sound!"

Kenneth Wazoo Records, Ann Arbor, MI

"I liked it! My customers enjoy it very much!"

Schoolkids Records, Ann Arbor, MI

"Good!" Playing Salutes The Bob Wills Era in-store."

Sam Mads Discount Records, Ardmore, PA

"We're ordering the CD! It's in our in-store play rotation!"

David Linn
Music Den, Lancaster, PA

"We play it in-store! A lot of people ask about it! Very cool!

Linda Bowen Kangaroo CD's & Tapes, North Providence, RI

"You can be both retro and ambitious. Nolan Bruce Allen is making a 3-installment salute to Bob Wills that will outdistance Merle Haggard's "Tribute To The Best Damn Fiddle Player In The World" by 44 songs! The current batch uses cows, beer, moons and memories as a metaphor for the dance of love, and it's all delivered in a clear, crispy-clean voice that's a dead ringer for Gene Autry. It includes a thrilling horn solo on "Little Liza Jane", it has a sweet heart and listening will make you treat your lady nicely."

Theodore DeFosse Splendid Reviews

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes the Bob Wills Era is getting plenty of air time here, we have some swing-crazed listeners!"

Ann McCoy, KSER Radio

"KBOO is spinning NBA. He's in medium rotation, moving up and doing quite well!"

Chris Merrick, KBOO

"Hi Nolan! Started you on the air with "Heart To Heart Talk". My show covers all of east Texas. Certainly enjoy your CD!"

Gene Chilcott, "Legends Of Country Music" Show
KIMP 960 AM, Mt. Pleasant, Texas

"I'm about to wear out your CD! I love that stuff and you have done a beautiful job!"

Keith Riemer Frisco, TX

"Hi Nolan, WE LOVE YOUR is so darn good - all of it!"

Karen and Kacey Musgraves Mineola, TX

"Your album is so great I'm having a difficult time making a choice for my radio program!"

Alex Pijnen BRTO Radio, Holland

"Just wanted to say I think your Bob Wills Salute is great!!!! Well done! I look forward to your next CD."

Marian Winfrey Union City, TN

"Western Swing is well received here, and we're enjoying Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era."

Jeff Dabel, WXPR Radio

"Nolan, this is a fabulous job on your Bob Wills Era CD - my sister flipped over it! Definitely rates a "10!"

Bettye Cole Union City, TN

HELLO NBA. Hope you weather the winter well. I have been thoroughly enjoying many songs from your 3 long-play CD's. It certainly has a lot of heart and soul. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Thanks! NBA

Melody Fonda

"Nolan Bruce Allen or "NBA" as many refer to him, knows western swing like the back of his hand. His new album of great songs is jam-packed with a generous 22 cuts with not a clunker in the bunch. NBA leads one hell of a band on this album that includes the great Tommy Allsup on rhythm guitar and Tom Morrell on steel guitar. The band includes lead guitars, fiddles, mandolin, piano, saxophones, clarinet, upright bass and drums which make for a truly big-band western swing sound. Songs are presented in a fresh, invigorating way yet are steadfastly true to their roots. Anyone with a love of this genre cannot go wrong with this album by NBA, New York's King of Western Swing music!"

B.J. Weikert, The Posh Rock Rail

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era is a very cool Western Swing album!"

Jim Sigler, KUMR Radio

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era will see a lot of air time here at WDVR!"

Carla Van Dyk, WDVR Radio

"Nolan Bruce Allen's Western Swing music is the best I've heard in many years....we will feature it!"
John Perry, WGSR Classic Country and

Fernandina Beach, FL

"I really like the CD, especially Texas Playboy Chimes as I'm a dobro player. You sound great!"

Bruce Bowden - Cross Creek Travelers Bluegrass Band
Altamonte Springs, FL

"Your CD sounds really good!"

Mark, Down Home Music Store El Cerrito, CA

"I've been listening non-stop since receiving it...good stuff! Thank you for this very exciting, great product!"

Brian Mawhinney Farmington, ME

"Sounds great!"

Peter Tattlebaum Needham, MA

"Dear NBA, Thank you sir, for allowing me to air your excellent music. A programme can only be as good as the music it presents to and is accepted by its audience. My listeners love your music! It is a class product with good songs and presentation. So long as we have music like this, Western Swing is safe!"

Ross Murphy
101 FM Logan City - 2TEN Tenterfield
2YOU Tamworth - 2NVR Bowraville

"The Nolan Bruce Allen SALUTES THE BOB WILLS ERA series could very well be "Western Swing Album Of The Year." I play him often and it's received very well!"

Joe Baker KNMB and KWMW Radio New Mexico's BEAR (Ruidoso)

"Nolan Bruce Allens' music is a "must have" for every fan...... My listeners love his brand of Western Swing!"

Dieter Trenkler, Country Music Radio
47798 Krefeld, Germany

"This is mighty good western swing music from Nolan Bruce Allen, New York's King Of Western Swing. Among the 22 cuts are 2 superb instrumentals, plus an amazing hot fiddle solo on "Home In San Antone." Our favorite cut is the title tune "Blues For Dixie". "Heart To Heart Talk" is a fine duet with Chris O'Connell (formerly with Asleep At The Wheel). Good swing music for your collection!"
Gene Autry, Oklahoma

Hello NBA. It was great to meet you at the Sportsmen's". Tom and I listened to some of your songs. They are great! Love it. Real Country for a change. Thanks

Melody Masters

"Nolan's unique style is very enjoyable and tempts you to kick up your heels.... western swing is not confined to the lone star state! I play him a lot on my show."

Arthur Kneeland, Disc Jockey
WCNL Radio, Moosup, CT

"Nolan's unique style is very enjoyable and tempts you to kick up your heels.... western swing is not confined to the lone star state! I play him a lot on my show."

Arthur Kneeland, Disc Jockey
WCNL Radio, Moosup, CT

"After visiting your web site and listening to some cuts I ordered the CD. How impressive! The singing and music is great, I know many of the musicians you used...they are the best!"

Devonne Flowers
Barnsdall, OK

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era puts the spice back in the main dish!"

Truman Ingalsby
WDIY Radio

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era is delightful!"

Davis Tracy
WDCV Radio

"I really enjoyed your CD. I was impressed with the talent you rounded up for this recording, along with the liner notes by guitar great Rich O'Brien. Further, it is quite admirable that you give 40% of net CD/Cassette sales to The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children."

Karen J. Bell
Oklahoma City, OK

"Enclosed is a money order for a double length CD and a double length cassette. Yours is some of the greatest music I have heard".

John Held
Wichita Falls, Texas

"Your CD is great, we want to add it to our on-line store!"

Bill Green, CD TEX
San Antonio, Texas

"We love your CD and I am confident we will feature it, it's been a hit all around!"

Hybrid Studios/United Kingdom

"Excellent music, well done-refreshingly different!"

Leon Rausch, Vocalist, Bob Wills Texas Playboys

"The performance is dead-on...if more retro projects had this much going for them, they wouldn't be so hokey in their execution. Allen knows and loves the Wills vibe. Western Swing hasn't had it this good in a long time."

Midwest Record Cap, Chris Spector, Editor And Publisher
The Voice Of The Entertainment Retailer And Broadcaster

"I love this CD"

Jeff Remz
Editor & Publisher of Country Standard Time

"The music is fresh, has a beat, is danceable & often tells a story. It could be called Big Band C&W, but it's much more than that. On this CD, Nolan Bruce Allen (NBA) delivers over 70 minutes of authentic sounds. New York's King of Western Swing, NBA brings a bunch of talented stars from the genre to a project that eventually will span 3 volumes. Apart from great tunes, the CD offers more...40% of net earnings will benefit The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. The tunes cover a variety of moods and subjects but all come across with a clean, authentic sound and feel. A fine duet is on cut 8. The 22 songs are really like getting 2 CD's for the money. I found this disc to be highly listenable. Recommended!"

A.Canales/The Critical Review

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes the Bob Wills Era came out of the mail, straight onto the air, and the phones went wild!"

Liz Helenchild, KMFB Radio

"If you enjoy western swing music, this album must be in your collection! I can't say enough about the fine musicians here. A most generous selection of tunes in fine arrangements by Nolan Bruce Allen & producer Tom Morrell, you can't find a better deal for your money. RECOMMENDED!"

Bill Yates, Roots66
Online Source for Authentic Americana

"Your CD is wonderful! I especially like your duet "Heart To Heart Talk" with Chris O'Connell and the title tune, "Blues for Dixie".

Gail Norman, Nashville, TN

"Very enjoyable, wonderful CD...Nolan Bruce Allen's voice lends itself to this music. Recorded by NBA in Dallas, Texas using western swing's "A" Team, possibly the best western swing musicians in the world: Tom Morrell, Randy Elmore, Rich O'Brien, Mark Abbott, Greg Hardy, Chris O'Connell, Tim Alexander, Tommy Allsup, Bob Myers and Chris McGuire! I will play each and every one of the 22 cuts on my worldwide internet radio show".

Mike Gross, Swinging West
WVOF FM, Fairfield CT

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes the Bob Wills Era is a great CD!"

Paul Norton, CRFO Radio

"Excellent arrangements and vocals, a true tribute to western swing music performed by one of the finest artists in the business, Nolan Bruce Allen, New York's King of Western Swing. I've listened to the entire CD several times and it is thoroughly enjoyable! And it's gratifying to know that he gives 40% of net CD earnings to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. Congratulations!"

Ramblin' Lou Schriver, President & General Manager
WXRL Radio 1300 AM, Lancaster/Buffalo New York

"Excellent CD! A great improvement of familiar melodies...super musicians!"

Herb Remington, Steel Guitar
Original Bob Wills Texas Playboy

"Really fantastic! I love your music! I'll play it and all of your future releases on my well-known radio show. I hope this is the start of a long-time business relationship!"

Dick Stursberg
Radio 98.6, Berlin Germany

"Nolan, I especially like the way you did "Rosetta" on your CD which is more like the slower version my father did when he recorded it back in 1938."

Rosetta Wills, Turkey, TX

"This music is awesome and authentic. With a voice sometimes reminiscent of Ray Price and often evoking aural images of Tommy Duncan, NBA and producer Tom Morrell lead the all-star cast of pickers effortlessly through such immortal classics as "Yearning", "Right or Wrong", "Home is San Antone", "Blues for Dixie", "Faded Love", and 17 more. Former Asleep At The Wheel great Chris O'Connell turns in masterful singing on her "Heart to Heart Talk" duet with NBA. Western swing fans will be thoroughly pleased."

Don Chance
Country Music Writer, Witchita Falls Record

"Congratulations, Nolan! Great opening week at radio!"

P.J. Birosek/Musik International

"Your CD's are mind-blowing good! Where do you keep getting your different ideas for these superb, clean and innovative new arrangements? By the way, your efforts to help children are commendable!"

Hal R., Orlando Florida

"We played a cut from Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era and it got a really nice response from our listeners. Nolan has the heart and soul of western swing oozing from every note that he lovingly laid down on this well-produced CD. We at "Country Music Then And Now" are proud to be associated with talent like Nolan and will play his music as often as possible."

Skeeter Mann, KCLA Radio
Country Music Then And Now

"Very pleasing, I love everything about this CD...fantastic players."

David Chamberlain, "Sagebruch Boogie"
WRFG Radio, Atlanta GA

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes the Bob Wills Era is a great album."

Keith Scott, WVLS Radio

"This 70-minute CD finds veteran singer/guitarist Nolan Bruce Allen paying tribute to western swing's golden years. Allen doesn't pretend to re-invent the western swing wheel; whether embracing Wills' "Faded Love" or Earl "Fatha" Hines "Rosetta", he is faithful to the western swing sound of the 30's and 40's. The results are predictable and the surprises are pleasing and enjoyable! Allen (who recorded this album in Dallas) sings with a folksy, unpretentious, down-home sort of charm, which is exactly what a vocalist needs in order to perform this type of music convincingly. Seasoned collectors will find that Allen has provided a solid and rewarding tribute to western swings' golden era."

Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

"Wonderful music...I shared it with my mother and now we are both big fans of yours!"

Shelly Nelson, Atlanta GA

"Nolan Bruce Allen, New York's King Of Western Swing, makes mighty good western swing music. Rich O'Brien, who played guitars and wrote the liner notes, described the session as "one of my all-time favorite recording experiences". I first heard about it from DJ Joe Baker, who's playing it on his New Mexico radio show to enthusiastic audience response. Among the 22 cuts are 2 superb instrumentals plus an amazing hot fiddle solo on "Home in San Antone". 40% of net earnings from this project will go to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, so you can support a worthy cause and add some good western swing music to your collection. Nolan has surrounded himself with some of today's best western swing musicians on the CD"

O.J. Sykes, Music Reviews
327 Westview, Leonia, NJ 07605

"Great album, perfect for my radio show format."

Mathias Andrieu
Radio NSEO 95.2 FM, Paris, France

"Great CD! I haven't felt like this since I first heard Asleep At The Wheel 30 years ago. NBA, you've out done yourself!"

Randy Bolam
The Stone Country Band, Buffalo, NY

"One of the best-produced western swing music albums I've ever heard!"

Lamar Morris
Artist and 20 year Bandleader For Hank Williams, Jr.

"Western swing at its best, bringing back memories of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys. A very special gift for those liking handmade melodies and high quality playing. Warning: Not usable for fans of loud noise."

Hans-Ludwig Leers
Disc Jockey, Germany

"A nice CD!"

Darby Davis/ Awareness Magazine

"Very nice arrangements of western swing classics! My hat is off to you; you've really captured the western swing sound...I especially liked your romantic ending on "Goodnight Little Sweetheart".

"Roselady", Expresso Swing
KXCI Radio, Tucson AZ

"Great western swing CD! In fact, one of the very greatest CD's I've ever had the pleasure of playing on.

Tommy Allsup, Bandleader
Bob Wills Texas Playboys

"Your album is really great, everything, all is excellent! You're from New York but in another life you'd be a Texan I'm sure! Your CD is album of the week on my radio show. Your friend and fan from Belgium.

Alain Joris, DJ
Rue de la croix 342, 6200 Chatelineau, Belgium

"I love your music and think its great that you help The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, a great cause! Your website is super!"

Scott Moon, Hallettsville, TX

"Wonderful CD! What a great way to start my week, great vocals, very, very tasteful backing on all 22 tracks, excellent choice of material, quite impressive!"

Chuck "Dusty Dawg" Wilson
Producer/Presenter, KCR97/CFM 103.5, Laois, Ireland

"Hi Nolan, I bought your CD it's really a great job! I'm sure I'll play it at my Nashville Country Club in Barcelona...also would like to book you to play!

Tony Parrera, President
Spanish Country Music Association

"Good stuff, I've been playing it a lot!"

Darwin Lee Hill, WHVW 950 AM
Poughkeepsie, New York

"Nolan, your CD sounds great! Good vocals! So you used Chris O'Connell and Trudy Fair! I know them - they're both great!"

Bill Dessens, Member, Clyde Brewer's River Road Boys
"The National Band of Texas"

"Spun Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era out of curiosity and found myself enjoying it!"

Tom Schulte/Outsight

"Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era sounds great!"

Jerry Treacy, WFDU Radio

"I really like it!"

Bill Milkowski
Various Jazz & Guitar Publications

"Excellent, top-flight western swing the way it should be played! Super selection of tunes!"

Paul Aaron
Cowboy Joe's Radio Show

"I put Nolan Bruce Allen Salutes The Bob Wills Era into rotation at WITR. This is a very cool CD."

Terry Lindsey, WITR Radio

"Nolan Bruce Allen's (NBA) Salutes The Bob Wills Era Volume I is a wonderful album! Good songs, good voice, good musicians. The sound and voice is so "TEXAS" that its hard to imagine he's from New York state. NBA is a true member of Texas Swing and we enjoyed every song on the CD. On "Texas Radio" we only air music from Texas Artists/Groups. But we will play his music and give it lots of spins because it is so authentic!"

Eddy and Ria VeldKamp, Your Dutch Amigos
"Texas Radio" - The Netherlands

"Nolan Bruce Allen's (NBA) CD release is a 70-minute long salute to the Bob Wills Era. This is the first of a planned 3-volume set. NBA acknowledges that Bob Wills was his "biggest musical influence", and found that both shared many similar personal life experiences. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys were one of the most popularly known Western Bands beginning in the 1930's and eventually made it to the Silver Screen movies during the 1940's. Music historian Ranger Doug (Riders In The Sky) described them as having a "snappy western image." Wills fused the Big Band sound (up to 21-piece bands), Jazz, Dixieland and Country to create the Western Swing Sound. Wills was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in 1968 and died in 1975. NBA's salute was nominated for "Western Swing Album Of The Year" by the Academy Of Western Artists. There are 22 songs on this Volume I (double CD value). Many were written or co-written by Wills. The two great instrumentals include "Texas Playboy Chimes" featuring the incomparable Tom Morrell on steel guitar. Do your toes wanna tap while listening? Yep. Do you wanna dance while listening? Yep! This "sweet and saucy" historic treat from NBA, in the Gene Autry/Roy Rogers singing-cowboy tradition includes the classic "South Of The Border" and many other of Wills chart-topping hits. The good guys definitely finished first here!"

"Great Three cds of real Western Swing. Nolan Bruce Allen is carrying on the tradition."Salutes To The bob Wills Era" is the Nolan Bruce Allen tribute to the King of Western Swing Bob Wills a true pleasure listen each song of this triology. For me the best tribute to Bob Wills of this decade."

Enrique Bagan - Western Swing Melodies

“I haven’t heard a voice so easy to listen to since Ray Price. Wish you the best.”


“a bob wills fan from NY! What’s next? Great job! “


“a very fine artist”


“I like them all”


“Love your style. Keep on singing and swinging”


“Real nice”


“I’m big western swing fan. Greetings from Poland”


“greetings from Helsinki, Finland!"


“Great old country sound!!! Love it!!!"


“got a nice swing dance rhythm and fun to make up dances to it very nice”


“Great sound”



William – Cumbria United Kingdom

“Bob Wills, sing me another tune”

9642cr Kettle Point Canada

“Everyone has their own style I enjoy all different styles this guy is good”


“good music”

Alex – Lima Peru

“Leon McAuliffe, yes indeed”




“love it so much”


“Very nice sound”


“I love it! Great music, so glad I got to know you”


“Nice Music”



Phili.daws England



“very good”


“great tune, loved it!”


“My kind of country music”

Eddy H Norway

“swinging country doesn’t get better than this”


“love em”


“great music”

Alpower2004 Hamilton Canada



“I like it very much; thank you for helping keep country music alive”






“a happy melodi”


“How can anyone not like Texas swing”


“relaxing and peaceful sound”


Rayorb9, Hangzhou

“I love it”

Randy Roberts, Bahamas

“love your music”


“Nice easy listening”


“good job”


“I play it too”


“great music”


“Nostalgic sound of true western swing music. Well done."

Commissioner Daniel P - Willowick, USA

“This is a great version! Good job Nolan!”


“enjoyed it, thanks”

Phili.daws England

“I like”


“very good instumentation”



Sselway Ohio

“fantastic songs”

Kris john

“Like your song”


“I do love western swing”

Randy Roberts Bahamas

“like it, just simple swing music”


“good sound lets have some more”




“Good old time country swing”

Eddy H, Norway

“I really like your music. At first I didn’t understand how it related to country. I was wrong. Sort of in the spirit of Texas swing, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys….Keep on keep’n on….”


“old song, good treatment, nice fiddle…”


“cool fellA”


“So nice”


“Good tune, love the jacket too.”



Cuchi Liverpool, United Kingdom

“GreatMan nice Voice!”

Cluvo3 Switzerland



“Real nice song man. Best I’ve heard from underground type artists on here. Real talent, good instrumentals, tone, lyrics. All good. Thank you for the listen.”


“good sound”




“sounds great”


“I actually love this music even though it is jazz, not country…”


“I love it”


“old school nice to hear”


“nice sound”






“That’s my big brother and I am mighty proud of him! I love you Brother!”

Wynette Allen

“I like your version of one I play”


“like your music very much. Where in n.y. are you?”





Anthony Chikadibia

“very nice”




"good sound lets have some more"


"Good old time country swing"

Eddy H Norway

"I really like your music. At first I didn't understand how it related to country. I was wrong. Sort of in the spirt of Texas swing, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys...Keep on keep'n on..."


"old song, good treatment, nice fiddle..."


"Good tune, love the jacket too."

Mike Goodwin

"GreatMan nice Voice !"


"Real nice song man. Best I have heard from underground type artists on here. Real talent, good instrumentals, tone, lyrics. All good. Thank you for the listen."

Josh T. Watson

"old school nice to here"


"I like your version of one I play!"


"Super from Germany!"

JR Eichmann

"Your first few strains of "That's What I like About The South" just brought an instant big smile to my face…"

JE Roberts


CAROL ANN, United States

"Nice voice I like it"


"Congrats!!! Nice swing."


"Very nice edition of a classic"


"I love that swing you play so well. Smiles here… Hadn't realized I liked western swing until I started hearing you here on Jango. Now it puts a smile on my face every time I hear the first strains of your music - and your voice too."

JE Roberts

"Oh yes - old time music, I love it!!!"


"Great music!"

T-R-P : Minneapolis, MN

"I like that Mexicali Rose, good job"


"western swing - yee haw!"


"There's just something about your voice, your sound….makes my soul happy."


"Lovely Music!"


"Reminds me of my dad…"


"The old music is good"





Fandly, Sacueni Romania

"Very nice!!"

Susie, Green Bay WI

"Love it!"


"First time to hear good"

Dcurtis55, Cleveland TX

"I really like the different country-swing mode songs. I like your songs and your performance."


"Very good!"

Alex, Lima Peru

"Just simply very nice"

Jukka.hallama, Helsinki, Finland

"Great voice and style."


"Muito agradavel"

Jose Luis Pina, Lisboa, Portugal

"So sweetly swing such an airy peace in this current world of anger"


"Very nice! Great voice!"


"je dobrej"

Neubauer, Czech Republic



"love the song it sounds great!"


"I love your stuff pardner"

Alex, Lima Peru

"Love it so much - comparable to the great swing sound of Bob Wills."


"Relaxed style, right combo its great!"


"great voice, great music"


"very good"

Chardafon7, Sofia Bulgaria

"Great Sounds"

Chris, Leicester United Kingdom

"A very fine artist"


"very well done nice recording and harmonies"


"I have really enjoyed your Texas swing. Keep 'em coming…"


"I love it - great music, so glad I got to know you."


"how can anyone not like western swing"


"sounding good...nice guitar"

Guitars from Mars

"I recently met Nolan Bruce Allen when he was being inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame! I immediately fell in love with him as a human being and a musician! His story is amazing and inspirational! His music will be on my playlist forever! What a gentleman and sharp dresser too! I'm a fan forever!!!"

Mark J. Morette

"All of your CD's are really good. I've now listened to all 3 and its a great compilation of music. Fantastic musicians. Songs are definitely "choice" and put you right in that Swing Mood."

Ron Smith, Drums and guitar player