Song Review:

Sooner Or Later

Overall Impression:

Bringing his own flair to yet another time-honored Western Swing tune, Nolan Bruce Allen's "Sooner Or Later" keeps all of the lilt and flow of Bob Wills' version while supplementing the sound with his own authentic twang - transforming the feel and delivery of the song's lyrics through wide-open vocal tones and playfully refined inflections!

Strongest Point(s):

From the song's first bars to its final fretted notes, this rendition of "Sooner Or Later" expertly matches the stride and style of Bob Wills' performance while displaying exciting original artistry from NBA and associates!  The opening slide guitar solo sets the scene perfectly - followed by the fiddle and eventually electric guitar as they provide smooth yet striking counter melodies to Nolan's vocals in a back-and-forth that feels as comfortable as familial conversation!

Target Audience Appeal:

"Sooner Or Later", anyone with an ear for Western Swing will find themselves ensconced in the considerable catalogue of Nolan Bruce Alan and his talented cohorts!  Paying brilliant tribute to Bob Wills' impact on the genre, New York's King of Western Swing rounds out his ode to the Texas Playboy with a sweetly soothing rendition of the lovelorn tune, "Sooner Or Later"! - Jon W.

Artist target suggestions:

Spade Cooley & The Western Swing Dance Gang, The Sunshine Boys, Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, Billy Jack Wills & His Western Swing Band, Red Foley, Porky Freeman Trio, Jimmy Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys, Washboard Wonders, Jimmie Ballard, Homer Zeke Clemons

About The Reviewer:

Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field. Working with musicians and their individual sounds is his passion and profession, and he strives to interact with and understand every aspect of the production process - from theory and songwriting to recording and mastering. He continues to teach students of all ages and is currently collaborating with artists across a wide range of genres.


Vocals: Strength
Lyrics: Strength
Instrumental Performance/Execution: Strength
Melody/Rhythm: Strength
Arrangement/Flow: Strength
Recording Quality/Overall Mix: Strength.